Our ‘Food Safety and Hygiene Awareness Course for Catering – Level 2‘ is now CPD accredited add available online, offering 50 CPD credits.

This accredited and certified course has been developed to help anyone that handles, prepares or serves food in the catering industry, including those that work in restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, fast-food outlets, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, schools and colleges.

It will help you to understand your legal responsibilities and know what constitutes best practice in regard to controlling food safety hazards, personal hygiene, controlling temperatures, food storage, food preparation, and more.

By law, all food handlers must have an understanding of the basic principles of food hygiene and know how to work safely so as to protect the food they serve from contamination.

The enforcement of food safety laws as well as the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations are covered, along with food safety inspections procedures, due diligence for food handlers, HACCP principles and the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.



Our online ‘Employment Law’ course is now CPD accredited and available online, offering 40 CPD credits.

This course is designed for small to medium businesses or a sole trader as well as managers and staff alike. There are simply too many new laws and changes in legislation, some made on a regular basis, and it can be a struggle to keep up to date with the changes.

Designed with Employment Law, GDPR, Health and Safety, Fire Safety as well as new tax regulations and guidance, this course is an invaluable source of knowledge that will help you deal with issues more effectively and efficiently in what is an increasingly regulated world of business. It will allow you to remain compliant and not fall foul of the complex laws, which could in turn lead to severe financial penalties that will impact greatly on you and your company.




Our online ‘CCTV Compliance‘ course is now CPD accredited and available online, offering 12 CPD credits.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) are the Government regulators of the laws and legislation for GDPR and CCTV and hold all the appropriate articles and guidelines for you to see what should – and should not – be happening with your images.

You have the right in law to ask all businesses if they are registered with the ICO (this is a condition of law) and for them to show that they are able to demonstrate compliance.

This course is designed to show you exactly where you stand with the law in relation to CCTV and just how much things have changed as a result of the GDPR of May 25th 2018.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is particularly important to self-employed people and business that employ the use of CCTV during the course of their employment and business, such as taxi drivers and operators, security operatives and their companies, etc.

It will give an accurate overview as to exactly where you stand in relation to the law and the absolute requirement to be compliant at all times.



Our online ‘First Aid’ course is now CPD accredited and available online, offering 30 CPD credits.

Our online First Aid course is vital for everyone in the workplace or at home, you never know when you may need to use first aid skills and have the confidence to act in, what could be, a potentially life-threatening situation.

This First Aid training course gives you sufficient knowledge of first aid, however, it does not replace, practical training. Always seek medical advice in case of emergency.



Our online ‘Stress Management’ course is now fully CPD accredited and available online.

Stress is fast becoming the number one workplace illness and can affect anyone of us at any time causing serious risks to health. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers must ensure the health and safety of their employees, including minimising the risk of stress-related illness.

Who is it suitable for?

The Stress Management course is suitable for people at all levels, both employers and employees. The online training will provide practical advice and effective strategies to help reduce workplace stress.


As you can see it has allowed for ten CPD credits!


Are you GDPR aware or compliant?

Are you aware of the consequences if you are not compliant?

We have the solution for you!

Our online ‘GDPR Awareness’ course will provide you with all the answers to the questions surrounding the complex arena of Data Protection and the GDPR law that came into force in the UK and EU on the 25th May 2018.

The course will allow you to demonstrate that you are aware and compliant with GDPR.

Upon the completion of the course you will receive a certificate that confirms that you have completed the course, which can be added to your personal file at your place of work.

We also give you access to a number of documents, checklists, instructions and additional useful information that may assist you in your line of work.

Lionheart Solutions are a CPD accredited training provider (#777199), so you can trust that the courses that we provide are of high quality and continually updated, improved and up to date.

Our GDPR Awareness course is now a CPD accredited course (#1001781) with 3 CPD credits.

Click below to enrol in the course, it will give you the knowledge and advantage over others that may make a difference.

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