futuristic-mobile-technology_46706-680Accredited eLearning Solutions and Compliance Services for your Company

Your company must, by law, have policies and procedures in place for handling your clients’ personal information securely, which is why it is important that your staff understand the importance of following those procedures.

Logo tickProtect your company from compliance risk– the CPD accredited online learning courses offer a cost-effective and practical means of delivering effective compliance training and continual development to your employees. The Information Commissioner reports that two thirds of data breaches are down to mistakes and oversights by staff.

Logo tickCertified e-learning with competence tests– all our online learning courses include a pass or fail test that allows the user to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. If the user passes, they will be issued with a certificate and if they fail, they can retake the test until they pass.

Logo tickAdditional services to ensure Company compliance– we also offer cost-effective bespoke compliance services to ensure that your company is fully compliant with data protection law, primarily GDPR, in the UK and overseas.


Fully accredited eLearning solutions

eLearning solutions designed for your business– compliance and staff training are two critical components for a professional and successful company. Our cost-effective eLearning solutions are fully CPD accredited and can meet those requirements. A test with questions that enable the user to show their understanding ensures that your staff are both compliant and trained to the level that you require.

No annual fees or monthly subscriptions – simply pay for what you need at the time that you need it. Our courses include online training designed to make your staff aware of the steps they must take to keep your firm’s data safe.

Discounted refresher courses – most mandatory training courses such as First Aid and Health & Safety require regular refresher training. We can provide bespoke refresher courses for your returning staff at a much-discounted cost – we want your returning and regular business!


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